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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our Father's Love

This is a post I did on my old blog Modest is Hottest that I thought I would post here because i love it so much. I have a bunch more, too, from that blog that i will probably repost here. (Note that this was written when my pen name was Sal, my name is actually K Grace!)

This morning when I woke up, I was thinking about God. No surprise there, but I was having new thoughts about Him, new thoughts about His love. As i was doing some chores shortly after i got out of bed, I realized that some qualities I would only attribute to earthly fathers are inspired by God!

Now, my dad is not big on a lot of fruits and veggies, and neither am I. But my mom occasionally says, "Sal, you need to have a piece of broccoli". Many times I can get out of it by eating an extra helping of collard greens or spinach, but sometimes there are no collard greens or spinach available. So I sit at the table, staring at the dreaded broccoli. When I am being stubborn, my dad encourages me. He encourages all of my six siblings in similar ways, too. He says "Sally" in such a way that there are so many extra syllables that I have to smile. So he says "Sally", (with all the extra syllables), "You need to eat your broccoli". And then when I am finished eating it, he smiles and says "I knew you could do it". God is the same way! He whispers "Sally, my girl, come on! Eat that broccoli." And I do, and I get a great big hug and a "well done my girl". That was a lot like my daddy's encouragement. He knew I was being stubborn and that if I drank two glasses of water really fast after eating the broccoli I wouldn't hardly taste any of the gross stuff. What else does my Heavenly Father do?

Sal is about to walk away from the kitchen counter, when she feels a nudge on her shoulder. She turns. "Hey, um, nice looking counter, eh, Sal?" the guy says. Sal spits out a fake laugh, "sure" she says. Sally turns to walk away again. This time it is a tug on the back of her shirt. "Now, come on Sal, you KNOW I'm a nice guy, so just listen a minute or two, awright?" Sal leans against the kitchen sink. "I'm listening", she sighs. The guy begins his speech. "You know, I know, we all know, that if you go and sit at that computer one room over, your momma, she gonna walk right through this room and see that messy counter". Sal groans and rolls her eyes. "Hey, none of that now. Bad habit. Your mom isn't gonna like that. What would happen if your mom saw this right now? That's right, you would have to come back and do it all over again, and while you were away from the computer your brother is gonna go on facebook, and he won't wanna get off because he has to go to work tonight and he wants to catch his friends first, and give 'em a message or two". Then again, if you clean this counter right, then your momma will walk through this room and do a double take when she sees that spotless counter, and by the time you are ready for the computer, your brother will have already found out that none of his friends are online because they're already at work, and he will decide to go get some extra time practicing that new song on he guitar. Waddya say?" "Well, I guess you could be right, but..." Rebel breezes through the room "who you talking to squirt" he laughs and knocks her on the shoulder. Sal turns back to the man, but she is alone. She smiles, and starts scrubbing at some water stains.

How Great is His love for us? It is higher than the heavens, and deeper than the seas. But it is never too high to care about the details.

.k grace.

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