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Friday, May 18, 2012

All the little pieces...

As I rode my bike down the road yesterday, I felt like I should stop.  I got off my bike and walked into the woods off the road.  Enjoying the beautiful North Idaho scenery (I am officially in LOVE with this place!!!! hehe), I followed an elk trail for awhile till I got to this old stump with some sticks leaning against it to make a cave.  Inside the little cave was a few old bones, probably from a bird of some sort???  Anyway as I started walking back to my bike I felt something in me say that I needed to leave a piece of my heart there.  Honestly, I was quite puzzled.  "Why would I want to leave a piece of my heart here?" I thought.  Finally, riding on down the road it came to me...
God wants all of us, he doesn't want to share our hearts with something or someone else.  It might be that super hot dude with the charming smile, or it might be that amazing opportunity that you just don't feel quite right about inside (or your parents just said "no" haha). 
I had already surrendered my heart to God, but I was still holding back little pieces that he wanted.  
I knew what I had to do, I got off my bike once again and laid face down in the dirt.  I told God to break my heart, I let go of every last little piece.  Now he's planted a seed inside me, and I'm growing a new heart, a better one, a heart like his <3  Kiana

This first pic is of a super talented new musician who put on a concert in my area, check out her facebook page/youtube channel (no videos up quite yet)!  Her name is Ahriel Puckett =)
The rest is North Idaho scenery =D

Thursday, May 03, 2012

A Servant's Heart

God's been teaching me a hard lesson lately. He has been giving me lessons on how to have a servant's heart. All it really comes down to is following in Jesus footsteps. Jesus may be our King, but he came to us on earth as a servant. He did not sit on a throne with a crown on, he ate with the tax collectors and the cast offs. I think everyone struggles with being a servant. We have our own wants and needs to look after and most of the time we get caught up in our own lives, never even thinking about what other people are going through. We are too busy doing the bare minimum of what we have to to get by. I think it's time we all stop and look around. There is a whole world out there that has no idea what it means to have a servant's heart. And maybe it won't do much good, but I am determined to show the world what it means to be a servant.

It means cleaning up the ice cream that spilled on a chair before it dries up. And then wiping up the floor and table too, even though you did not spill it. It means getting off the internet for the 10 minutes it takes to help your mom make her bed. It means helping someone finish up their chores so that they aren't late. It means giving up your seat or your second helping of desert. It means arriving early to a church/school/community event and helping to set up, or staying after to help clean up. It means picking up the trash on the sidewalk. It means bringing a stray cart in the parking lot back to the store even though you didn't leave it there. It means thinking of someone elses desires and needs above your own. It means going above and beyond what you are required to do and doing your very best.

Maybe this sounds like really boring and thankless work. But the thing is, we aren't doing it for us! The Bible says to do everything as unto the Lord. To do everything with excellence. And you will notice that nowhere will it say "If you feel like it". We aren't doing it for us, or for the people around us, it's for God. We don't do it to draw attention to ourselves or for our own gain, but that God would be glorified. So the next time you just walk by a need, stop, go back, and do what needs to be done, and do it for Him.

.k grace.