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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One cool chick! XD

Last week I helped out at our church VBS program. At the parents night program I met this AMAZING chick named Steffany! Her mom told her about me a long time ago and she always gives me tons of cute clothes ! <3
Anyway, talking to her the other day I was like sooo totally inspired! She started her own contracting business for flight attendants. Here's her website
She's one of those people who just stands out. I mean, talk about creative, resourceful, ambitious, etc.
It takes a pretty special person to start something like that and stick with it.
Have you met any inspiring people lately?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Lovin' Life! (uhh, maybe?)

A really disgusting army worm nest... kinda cool though, huh?! lol

Daisies I took pics of today where we were cutting firewood

Focaccia bread I made the other day =D (Super yummy with my homemade marinara sauce!)

Empty pizza tray from last week when Mine and K Grace's families when to Young Guns pizza together XD

"Lovin' Life"? haha what a joke. Well, today I'm officially guilty of not living in the present moment... but you know what?!

I can't keep thinking about the mistakes I made earlier today because then I wouldn't be living in the present moment right now! Make sense?! Soooo... If you're feeling like I am today then lets change our focus right now! Are you with me?! Lets start choosing to love life even though we don't feel like it!

Randomness seems to cheer me up a little so here's a few pics AND I have been like totally crazy about this song lately!

Monday, July 04, 2011

My Brain Hurts...

Do you like cheese?! I'm sitting here right now next to my BFF! She's making me an adorable yellow fashion accessory out of an old t-shirt! Isn't she amazing!!??

She's actually at my house visiting for like 5 days. We've been suntanning together, we hiked up a mountain trail today (we even saw a moose!), and went to a huge lake the other day for a family picnic! Tomorrow we have a big day of kayaking planned=D

I am having sooo much fun!!!! ~Kiana