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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Totally Unexpected Suprises

Sometimes you try and try to make something good happen for yourself, but it gets to the point when it seems like no matter how hard you try, things will never change. You don't know how you can live with it any longer...
But then out of nowhere something totally amazing happens that you never dreamed could ever be! You still have dreams and you still try to reach for the sky, but even though it's hopeless right now, what God made happen for you is enough to bear your situation for a little longer and remind you of what he can do. =) Kiana

Unhappy or simply dissatisfied?

There is something wrong with the picture I see, this culture and it's so called freedom. Haven't you read the stories in the Bible of the people who met for church in secret, and if they were discovered, they died? They knew they needed freedom to worship God. They strove for it, pushed until they got it. And now that we think we have it, we're tired of it. Why is it that what we don't have we want, and what we do have we don't want. Once we get what we think we want, we don't want it anymore. We think happiness lies in that newest cd, or in the latest style of jeans or that amazing red convertible. We think that the elusive feeling we call happiness lies around the next bend. That just around the corner we will discover the very thing needed to complete our lives. What we don't know is that the corner we see is part of a circle that will only lead us right back to where we started - unhappy and wanting what we don't have.

.k grace.

Friday, June 03, 2011

The Reckless Kind of Faith

"A reckless faith understands that the best use for an expensive bottle of perfume may be to wash someones feet. A reckless faith builds an ark before there's even a cloud in the sky. A reckless faith charges into the sea before thinking that God may part the water. A reckless faith leaves 99 sheep to go after one lost one. It does not need man's approval - or man's money. It honors God in the classroom, even when no one else there reveres Him. A reckless faith doesn't make moral compromises at the office, even when they're  expected, A reckless faith believes in "till death do us part." "
-page 123 "Reckless Faith" by Beth Guckenberger

You see, reckless faith never says "what if". Reckless faith doesn't require countless hours of agonizing over other alternatives. Reckless faith does what needs to be done - now. No waiting till a more convenient time, say when the 99 have been safely put away and the wolf has already eaten the lost one. Reckless faith doesn't go just halfway or go a "reasonable" distance. Reckless faith is all out, holding nothing back, going as far as necessary and even further. It doesn't rely on what everyone around is thinking or what the press response will be, or if a lot of people are going to support you morally, spiritually, or financially. Reckless faith is a right here, right now, all out, giving everything, no hesitating, do what's right no matter what kind of a thing. Reckless faith says that you don't need to use logic and reasoning to figure out how things are going to happen. It takes action and things fall into place. Try it sometime.

.k grace.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Yay! My first post!!

Yayness!!!! I finally am able to post now that we're rid of some "technical problems" =)

So first I'll fill you in on been goin' on. Been riding "my" bike (it's actually my moms old one, not mine lol) a lot lately, volunteered at a fire dept garage sale, finished school for the year, ran 10 miles (woohoo!), and just been living everyday life!

Looking forward to summer! I've been thinking and praying a lot lately about trying to do a youth missions trip! Check out this website!

More later! ~Kiana