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Friday, June 03, 2011

The Reckless Kind of Faith

"A reckless faith understands that the best use for an expensive bottle of perfume may be to wash someones feet. A reckless faith builds an ark before there's even a cloud in the sky. A reckless faith charges into the sea before thinking that God may part the water. A reckless faith leaves 99 sheep to go after one lost one. It does not need man's approval - or man's money. It honors God in the classroom, even when no one else there reveres Him. A reckless faith doesn't make moral compromises at the office, even when they're  expected, A reckless faith believes in "till death do us part." "
-page 123 "Reckless Faith" by Beth Guckenberger

You see, reckless faith never says "what if". Reckless faith doesn't require countless hours of agonizing over other alternatives. Reckless faith does what needs to be done - now. No waiting till a more convenient time, say when the 99 have been safely put away and the wolf has already eaten the lost one. Reckless faith doesn't go just halfway or go a "reasonable" distance. Reckless faith is all out, holding nothing back, going as far as necessary and even further. It doesn't rely on what everyone around is thinking or what the press response will be, or if a lot of people are going to support you morally, spiritually, or financially. Reckless faith is a right here, right now, all out, giving everything, no hesitating, do what's right no matter what kind of a thing. Reckless faith says that you don't need to use logic and reasoning to figure out how things are going to happen. It takes action and things fall into place. Try it sometime.

.k grace.

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