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Friday, August 26, 2011

To the bestestest best friend in the whole wide world

Yesterday I was slightly crabby and annoyed (partly cuz I had just burnt my hand on a very hot pan) so I called my best friend, the other author of this blog, kIaNa!!!! (also known to me as Buttercup) After we talked and she cheered me up she sent me this.

Darlin, Darlin, you're so grand! 
You're sweeter than the best chocolate in all the land! 
Friends like you are sooo very high in demand,
So keep your head up, Darlin' cuz I wub you more than ocean sand =D
xoxo ~Buttercup
I felt so special and loved that I wanted to tell the whole wide world about the bestestest best friend in the whole wide world.
Kiana never minds if I call her and complain. She sympathizes when I need sympathy and tells me to snap out of it when I get too deep into my pity party. She loves it when I call her because I am excited. She squeals and giggles and and gets just as excited as I do when something goes well. I know I can trust her with any and every secret I want to tell her. She lets me rant and rave about frustrations just to get them off my chest and then when I am ready to move to a new subject she makes me laugh and forget about being mad. She also calls me and tells me everything that's going on in her life and asks for advice and tells me about the horrible things and the spectacularly great things that happen in her life. This makes me feel trusted and loved because I know I am the first friend she will call about stuff. And I give her my best advice, which is reserved for her, and sympathize with her problems and help her forget them, and I get excited every time something cool happens in her life, cuz I love it when she's happy....which seems to be most of the time. If things are going well for her I have hope that they can go well for me, too.
Even though we see each other about once a year, sometimes only for a day, she has never given up on me. I have never had a more faithful and true and loving friend ever. Which is why she is my best friend. We live almost 2,000 miles apart but she has never failed once to be there for me. I plan on being there forever for her, too, just so you know. We have known each other our whole lives. (Ok, ok, so I was six months old when she was born, it's still practically my whole life) Even though she moved away when we were three, we never lost touch. When our parents didn't keep in contact as much, we kept the relationship going between our families (and we were little kids!!!!!) Our families try to get together every year. (thank you Jesus! I couldn't live without my bff, it would be so hard to never ever see her) I look forward to seeing her all year, from the very second she gives me that sad look as one of us walks out the door to the car to leave, until we get to see each other again.
So, kIaNa, Buttercup, I just want you to know, you are my favoritest bestest most beautifulest gorgeousest prettiest specialest funnest coolest spectacularly fantastically awesomely extremely sweetest faithfulest lovingest caringest best friend and I wouldn't trade you for anybody else in the world, cuz you are perfect just the way you are.
I yub you, Buttercup!!! <3
.k grace.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trip to WA Coast =D

So this weekend I got to go to my cousins wedding on the WA coast! Vacations are so much fun!! <3
It was sooo worth the 12 hour drive!
The pics aren't really in order, but I don't really feel like fixing them sooo....

Giant lollipops from Giggles the clown

As all the hotels were booked, we found an apartment to rent for the weekend on craigslist. Can you guess where we stayed? Giggles the clown's family fun park!

Blackberries growing wild alongside the road

Me dancing with my great uncle

The band at the wedding

Yummy XD

Fresh salmon from the coast <3

The best torte ever!

Like seriously.... WOW!


Yes, I really have my feet in ocean water! lol

Haha my little bro found a snake in the rocks and had to show the bride =D

The bride with her parents


Yep, it's really a crab hehe


Friday, August 19, 2011

What I do for fun on friday nights.

Just for fun (since friday nights are supposed to be all about part-ays and fun and the weekend) occasionally I will indulge myself with a floor washing session. I sit on the kitchen floor, under the table, scrubbing at minuscule spots with a rag, trying to discern whether the spots are part of the "pattern" in the linoleum or not........

The last thing I leave you with is this:

Remember to never forget.

.k grace.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stars, Amusement Parks, Suicidal Frogs, and God's Best

My title today reminds of my best friends mom's blog.'s stories are always hilarious and so are her titles. When we were little she had "superkids" stories she would tell us that we couldn't get enough of. Anyway....

This weekend my family had a fire in our driveway (on purpose, don't freak out here!) to roast hot dogs on for supper. I was sitting there mind my own business when all of the sudden my mom goes, "Si, quick get a stick, there's a frog! (Si's my li'l bro by a year and a half) He grabs a stick and tries to guide this teeny little frog away from the rocks around the fire. He would almost get it out and it would dart right back in, over and over. Finally it broke away from him completely and flung itself into the flames. It was awful. Maybe it panicked and didn't know how to get out. But why would it leap for the fire when it was being prodded towards free, open, cool, clean air and freedom? Why do we do that? We start to wander too close to danger and bondage and God starts prodding us back towards freedom and safety. But we are so fascinated by the fire, captivated by the leaping flames. We think we won't get burned, it won't leave scars if we just touch it, just to see what it's like. But no, you can never play with fire without getting burned - or killed.

I was at the biggest amusement park in my state with two of my sisters, a group of teens, and most importantly one of my bestest friends, Saint over at Life as a PK Teen and Our Guts. We have known each other for almost six years and are very close. This group went because my older sister is the leader of my friend's youth group and their church is categorized as Assemblies of God, I guess, and it was Assemblies of God Youth Day at the amusement park, so I got to go with their youth group. (does all that make sense? lol!)

The day had some stressful moments, with drama thrown in for punctuation. But my friend Saint (that's her blog name so I'll just go with that name) was there and because of her I could handle everything the day threw my way. Every once in a while we would find a way to sit and chill together and talk or sit in silence. The highlight of my entire day was not a crazy roller coaster ride or dropping face down from 150 feet in the air. It was laying on the sidewalk with Saint, staring up at the only star visible in the sky. God's Best star, put there just to make me smile and feel peaceful that night. As the group was heading towards a ride that day I was slightly hyper (just cuz bad things happen when I am very tired and not hyper), I was like, "I want to be somebody, who shall I be?" Just before we decided to lay on the sidewalk I knew who I wanted to be. I was walking along in my red plaid flannel shirt, my cutoff denim shorts, and hot pink sandals and feeling good, confident good. I looked up at the sky and just said, "I know what I want to be Saint. I want to be God's Best." And that has stuck with both Saint and I since then. We laid there looking at that star, God's very best star and knew that whatever life had for us, there was someone we could rely on, somebody willing to do anything for us. As we sat in the car a little while later staring up at that star again, we knew even more how great and strong and all consuming His love is for us. So great that He died. Jesus was willing to pay whatever it took, and it took His life. You are worth as much as someone is willing to pay for you. So don't sell your self for less. Because you are worth dying for. YOU are God's Best.

.k grace.