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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trip to WA Coast =D

So this weekend I got to go to my cousins wedding on the WA coast! Vacations are so much fun!! <3
It was sooo worth the 12 hour drive!
The pics aren't really in order, but I don't really feel like fixing them sooo....

Giant lollipops from Giggles the clown

As all the hotels were booked, we found an apartment to rent for the weekend on craigslist. Can you guess where we stayed? Giggles the clown's family fun park!

Blackberries growing wild alongside the road

Me dancing with my great uncle

The band at the wedding

Yummy XD

Fresh salmon from the coast <3

The best torte ever!

Like seriously.... WOW!


Yes, I really have my feet in ocean water! lol

Haha my little bro found a snake in the rocks and had to show the bride =D

The bride with her parents


Yep, it's really a crab hehe


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