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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Destiny Call

Hi. Watch the video above and read the lyrics before you read any further.

The title of this blog is Ever In The Present Moment. It is both mine and Kiana's goal to live our lives every second making the most of it, never pushing to be in the future and growing up to fast, and never dwelling constantly on past successes - or regrets. But how do we live ever in the present moment? And how do we live forever with God when we live here on earth? I will tell you, if you haven't already figured it out from the lyrics of this song. You do it by loving what He loves, seeing what He sees, a hope burning like He is far inside us, with His light in our lives, our hearts renewed, and believing that "Here we are forever with you" never separated from His love. That is how we live forever with him in the present moment.
Why should we try to live ever in the present moment? What is the point? The reason? At one point this song declares "I want to live like every breath matters". Why? Why should we strive for a life that is meaningful and impacting and leave a lasting legacy? Because since God planned you, yes even before anyone else knew you would be born, He made a call rang out, your call. Your destiny call. You must listen to that call, but before you can listen and obey, you need to acknowledge that God has an amazing plan for you and your life. You need to acknowledge that you HAVE a destiny call. It is then that your destiny can be sprung into action for real. Don't wait for it to come find you, you need to listen for it. Listen for your Destiny Call.

.k grace.

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this is an AWESOME blog!! don't know how i kept missing out on it :-) seriously i gotta pay more attention ;-) great blog work girlz!!