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Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Identity: Christ Is

Failures behind me, I look ahead
I won't be held back by what people said
I need to learn to let the pain go
I'm gonna live by what I know

I know that I am bought with a price
The price that was paid was a perfect man's life
How can I say that I have no value,
When the one who died tells me it's not true?

I can't let my mind be consumed by the lies
I know that the truth is right in front of my eyes
I have value, I am beautiful, special and unique
I am different for a reason, I am not a freak

God help me to fight and to rise above
All the things that have kept me from your love
Help me to seek my identity in you
And to believe that when you say, "I love you", that it's true

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