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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oh my dear, I will wait for you

This post is to every unmarried female in the world. This is my heart's cry for you.

Oh my dear

I will wait for you

Grace tonight, will pull us through

Until the tears have left your eyes

Until the fear can sleep at night

Until the demons that you’re scared of, disappear inside

Until this guilt begins to crack

And the weight falls from your back

Oh my dear

I’ll keep you in my arms tonight

-Tenth Avenue North "Oh My Dear"

Do you hear God's voice just whispering, "Oh my dear, I will wait for you. And when you come I will hold you in my arms until you are ready to face the world again, and I will hold your hand". Isn't it beautiful? But it takes just as much courage to go to Him as it does to face the world. Right now, He's waiting for me, waiting for me to have the courage to say, "Hi. I messed up, I need you". It takes more courage than some of you may realise.

Valentines Day was just a little more than a week ago. It's the day when so many girls look at couples and just wish...But you don't have to be one of those girls celebrating The National Singles Day on February 15th, because there's someone who would love to be called your valentine. Why don't you just give HIM your heart. Not a paper heart with an overused poem scrawled on it. Not a candy heart that millions of other people have an identical copy of. YOUR heart. Give Him the one thing that no one can take from you, and that is YOU. He has so much love just waiting, He's bursting with pride and love for YOU.
This is someone who won't cheat on you or tell you lies, won't put you last or treat you as second rate. He never lets go, never backs down, never looks away, never gives up. That's a whole lot of nevers. How many of you girls know any other guy with qualities like this one? He's gorgeous, indescribable, unexplainable, unconditional. His face shines "brighter than the noon day sun". How's that for a dazzling smile?!
He's in your head, in your heart, your thoughts, emotions, actions, He's never anywhere but here, here with YOU. Your heart is all He has ever asked for, your love the only thing He has ever desired. You are the only one who can give these things. If you think you are the only single girl in the world, it's not true. You have someone waiting for your answer. All the other girls who think they are so lucky, they have a guy on their arm, but for how many  and how long will that last? Boyfriends come and go. God doesn't. He is here forever. And He's waiting, waiting for YOU. What a beautiful feeling, to be wanted.

.k grace. 

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