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Friday, May 06, 2011

Change in the air

It's spring, going on summer and things are happening. You can almost smell the change tickling your nose. It means cleaning up the yard and the house and the car. On Wednesday before dropping me off at work my brother stopped to get gas. I was preoccupied with something, and when I looked up, a little red head kid was grinning at me. Or at least I think it was a grin... Anyway, the dad was cleaning out the van with all the doors open, leaning over the seats with a vacuum. It made me start thinking about how it's time to clean up after a long, cold, dull winter. Time to make changes.

A big one for me is time management. I need to put the big rocks in the jar first before I pour in the sand or they're never going to fit. My priorities are a mess. I have good intentions, I plan on doing what needs to be done first but it doesn't turn out that way in the end. A

nother thing is my bedroom. There are a lot of things that I love to do but today I realized that I have so much stuff to use to do what I love to do, I no longer have the room to do what I love! That doesn't sound right. For example, writing. Writing is my biggest passion but my room is so cluttered I don't have space to relax and get in a writing groove. In fact I rarely write anything any more. If I do it's just a hurried scribble of an idea. Another one is reading. Again, no space to relax and enjoy it. The biggest one is sewing. I can't even get to my sewing machine because of all my fabric. I hate wasting fabric and I don't like throwing it away. And I end up using the scraps eventually for small projects. But that's just the thing. Eventually. If I can get my weekend jobs done today, then I can focus on purging fabric. If there are scraps I refuse to throw away, then I have all of tomorrow to use it.

I am slowly throwing out or giving away things that I have been hanging onto. They do me no good - or anybody else - if they are sitting on a shelf making a hobby of collecting dust and wallowing in memories of the past. Some of my favorite books when I was little I have given to my younger sisters. Joy and Em love to read like I used to and they get to enjoy my old books. Now they are enriching more lives, and that's what they were meant to do. Stuff was not meant for collecting. It was meant for changing lives.

I won't ramble about this endlessly. I just hope I have made my point. Change won't come if you wait for it to happen. It's not a downhill ride, either. You have to push until something shifts and when you achieve what you were aiming for,  the view on that hilltop is amazing. You see the ruts you were in, you see the clutter that surrounded you, and then you don't let it happen to you again. When things change for the good, you never want to go back.

.k grace.

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